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Working With LightSpeed

Our eDiscovery experts have one goal: Shift the Time and Cost of Discovery Back to the Practice of Law. As a Washington D.C. based company, LightSpeed has the perspective and experience in dealing with high profile cases. Our standards automatically start with a higher bar and clients can expect support that is adaptive, simple and fast.


LightSpeed is a preeminent eDiscovery firm located in Washington, D.C. We create a rewarding environment, that challenges and grows our employees' expertise. Our commitment to internal growth includes providing on-going training in order to maximize your performance and our client success.

To explore your career opportunities at LightSpeed, email your resume to: careers@lightspeedlegal.com.

Questions About Our Discovery Processes & Products

Why do people choose to work with LightSpeed?

Clients hire us for our flexibility, speed and quality of service. We take the time to understand the full scope of the data picture and leverage our in-house experts' eDiscovery experience to deliver services tailored to clients' needs. Our internally built ShareDiscovery platform excels in investigations, culling data and linear reviews.

What does it cost to hire LightSpeed?

We believe in transparent pricing and provide an online pricing calculator for estimation of costs. Our eDiscovery Consultants are happy to prepare a Statement of Work along with a pricing estimate for each project. Subscription pricing plans are available to leverage multiple projects.

What technology does LightSpeed use?

Our experts are trained and certified in numerous leading legal tech software as well as our own in-house custom software. Our adaptive discovery platform, ShareDiscovery, is developed by our in-house engineers. It connects and enhances industry leading legal technology software like Ipro’s ADD (including eCapture and Eclipse), Relativity, Content Analyst, Brainspace Discovery and Paraben.

How fast can LightSpeed discover digital data?

50 gigabytes discovered, with OCR and analytics, is ready to assess and review in two hours. It’s our goal, and we achieve it over 90% of the time.

Where are LightSpeed’s servers located?

Your data is secure in our Washington, DC processing farm or hosted in any of the 24 cities on five continents available to you through our partnership with Softlayer, an IBM company.

Is the data defensible in court?

Yes, our software is vetted and our processes logged. We stand behind our technology and our people, even in court.

What types of clients is LightSpeed equipped to handle?

Over the last decade, clients across various industries (from insurance to healthcare) rely on us for discovery services. Our current client portfolio includes legal firms, legal counsel for corporations, and government agencies.

What help do you offer during the eDiscovery process?

Our team of eDiscovery Consultants, Project Managers and Engineers can supplement your team or provide all the eDiscovery expertise and technology needed to let you focus on the practice of law.