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Quick Tip: How to Undo Human Errors with Eclipse and LightSpeed

We’ve all been there – halfway through a document review when you realize that one of your fellow reviewers didn’t quite understand a specific issue. And to make matters worse, that reviewer also mass edited the “Comments” field to a single value. Before panic sets in, remember that Eclipse ensures that your work product can […]

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Predictive Coding Without the Workflow

At LightSpeed, we are big fans of predictive coding* for its ability to jump start document assessment and enhance – or even replace – traditional reviews. However, many of our clients are not ready to take the leap. For those who want the benefits of predictive coding with the option to follow their own workflow, […]

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LightSpeed Is Now U.S. GSA Schedule 36 Contractor

LightSpeed is excited to announce that we are now a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 36 contractor. “We are thrilled to become a GSA Schedule 36 Contractor,” said LightSpeed CEO Tony Lehr. “Our deep expertise in eDiscovery and experience in collecting and managing data requested by the FTC, SEC, DOJ, ITC and FDA demonstrate […]

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ILTACON 2017: ShareDiscovery Arrives With New Relativity Features

Our adaptive discovery platform, ShareDiscovery, arrived at ILTACON 2017 with new features that drive our commitment to shift the time and cost back to the practice of law. The first, an upgrade from our Internet Explorer only interface to an html5 compliant interface, increased our browser compatibility and development speed. The second feature, to expose […]

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You Could Save 97% by Switching to Technology Assisted Review

With the tremendous growth of eDiscovery over the past few years, law firms now have access to vast amounts of data. However, most are still learning how to best analyze all of that data in a manner that improves review rates and reduces costs. Some firms are using techniques such as Keyword Search to predict/identify […]

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