ILTACON 2017: ShareDiscovery Arrives With New Relativity Features

Our adaptive discovery platform, ShareDiscovery, arrived at ILTACON 2017 with new features that drive our commitment to shift the time and cost back to the practice of law. The first, an upgrade from our Internet Explorer only interface to an html5 compliant interface, increased our browser compatibility and development speed. The second feature, to expose our Relativity promoter, adds document level security and familiarity to most reviewers. This helps many of our clients who use our Ipro Eclipse platform with analytics to assess their data and promote the documents needed for review to kCura’s Relativity.

ShareDiscovery & Relativity: Speed with Promotion

One thing we missed when reviewing in Relativity was the speed our clients could go from assessing data to reviewing it. In Eclipse there is no delay. Relativity required data to be exported, imported and indexed before review. This takes both human and computer time. Our Relativity promoter eliminates the human constraint by automating the entire process. As always our engineering and project management teams will continue to assist as needed. It’s quick and easy and most importantly, it isn’t limited to our Relativity installation. Brett Burnor, Project Analyst, says “while Relativity moves documents pretty quickly, we really enjoy that our promoter loads data twice as fast as can be done manually. We’re glad our clients will now have the same ability.”

The Future of Relativity & ShareDiscovery

With the appropriate permissions we can collect, discover, and help clients assess what needs review and then transfer the documents directly into their Relativity system. The latest upgrade is just one of many more development enhancements we have in store for ShareDiscovery and Relativity. From Chris Eastwood, Senior ESI Engineer, who led this development process, “Relativity’s API is well documented and easy to program. We look forward to streaming data from our cloud collectors, through assessment and into Relativity at LightSpeed.”

ShareDiscovery tracks the efficiency of collection, discovery, assessment, promotion and review helping our clients save time and money. To get the latest details on our ShareDiscovery platform we invite you to schedule a demo at your convenience or join the conversation on twitter on what new features you’d like to see for the future.