Relativity Fest 2015 Really Shreds

Each year, kCura puts on Relativity Fest, a conference designed to provide Relativity users with pertinent information and connect the Relativity community.

What began in 2010 as a gathering with 140 attendees has blossomed into a must-attend event for Relativity users – this year, more than 1,500 people flocked to the Hilton Chicago for three days of invaluable panel discussions, breakout sessions, hands-on labs and insights from Relativity end users and the kCura team.

Brett Burnor, an ESI Engineer with LightSpeed Legal who is certified on Relativity, is effusive in his praise of this year’s Relativity Fest. “I learned a great deal on how the Relativity infrastructure is designed and how extensible it is. I spent time learning how to write components for applications that give great power over the platform,” he said. “Seeing how committed and open to progress kCura were at the keynote motivated me to invest knowing that it will pay off.”

One of Relativity Fest’s big draws each year is the stellar roster of industry leaders chosen to speak at the event. One of this year’s standouts was Brent Ozar, Managing Director at Brent Ozar Unlimited. When asked to pinpoint his favorite speaker at Relativity Fest, Burnor didn’t hesitate.

“Brent Ozar, database extraordinaire. Very charismatic, filled with top-tier experience and knowledge,” he said. “He gave a session on how to build a powerful SQL server at a good price point that answered so many questions I didn’t know I had. A smooth and performant database is key to a good review experience.”

His positive experiences and the knowledge he gleaned at this year’s Relativity Fest have made Burnor a fan for life. There’s no doubt in his mind he’ll be be at future conferences. “Absolutely,” he said. “There is no equal in terms of lecture quality. The networking is great and the experience was essentially magical.”

While it had nothing to do with technology, or the law for that matter, one event at Relativity Fest stood out for Burnor and his colleagues at this year’s conference: Tuesday night’s show by Grammy-winning artists Blues Traveler. “I am always down for good music and I met a friend who was a huge fan,” he said. “We had a great time and I was randomly handed a meet and greet invitation. Considering my friend was much more into it I gave it to him. The performance was awesome; I didn’t know the harmonica could shred like that.”

Until Relativity came along, people didn’t think eDiscovery could shred like that, either. And until Relativity Fest came along, people didn’t think a conference built around the leading eDiscovery tool could shred like that – but for three days in Chicago in October, there was a lot of shredding going on.