Quality or Cost: Don’t Compromise

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eDiscovery is a challenge. Having the right team on your side focusing on your needs makes all the difference.

Minimize Document Review Size


We provide you the tools and experience to mine only the documents you are looking for. No wasted time reviewing unnecessary documents.

Prioritize Potentially Relevant Documents


Keyword analysis, predictive coding, near de-duping, threading, clustering, categorization, and conceptual search. We do it all, and we’re here to explain why you need it.

Maximize Reviewer Productivity


Tools without the process to use them isn't effective. We walk you through the review technology options, giving you direct access to analytics to track your progress.

Control Costs While Staying Flexible and Defensible


Your case is our focus. Every service and process is defensible in court and creates cost savings for our clients.

Managed Document Review

Keeping our commitment to provide the best possible experience to each of our clients, we offer a Managed Document Review solution with flexible pricing including a per-document model and aligned incentives to ensure maximum productivity, remove unpredictability, and deliver complete accuracy, transparency, and defensibility.


Forensic Collection

Desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, websites, emails, and social media. We have the technology, tools, and in-house forensic collection experts to collect your data quickly, efficiently, and correctly. Our data collection is flexible to meet your risk and cost requirements. We have experience collecting data at your business, through a deposit, or remotely.



We find every piece of data you have and make it searchable. We make sure that every attachment, image, pdf, email and post can be easily found when needed. Our technology also culls out unnecessary files through de-duping and de-NISTing, leaving you with every bit of data you need. Our system currently uses over 200 processing cores and 100 terabytes of storage space, meaning your data can be processed within a tight deadline, and is stored in a secure, stable, backed-up server farm located in Washington, D.C.



Gain a deep understanding of your data’s story quickly. We put the power of “early data analysis” and analytics in the hands of our clients by offering the complete tools and technology package necessary without any additional costs or middlemen. Take control of your EDA and assess your data from every viewpoint without incurring extra costs or wasting your time.



We give our clients direct access to analytics and review tools such as Ipro’s Eclipse document review platform or KCura’s Relativity augmented with Brainspace Discovery. Our client’s data is hosted in a secure, state-of-the-art data center. This centralized storage, along with a dedicated support team, guarantees your data is accessible at any time from anywhere and secure so only you can get to it. Our dedicated project management team is eager to show you how we get our results.




Collect and organize your data at competitive pricing. Clients pay no additional costs for EDA and access to analytics tools.


Review your data 24/7 from a secure server farm using tools such as Ipro’s Eclipse document review platform or KCura’s Relativity.

Project Management

Learn the technology quickly from our in-house experts, saving you and your clients time and money.