Managed Document Review
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At LightSpeed we are experts at minimizing document review sets while maintaining defensibility and cutting costs for our clients. However, we know that even when we drastically reduce data sets and maximize reviewer productivity through ever more sophisticated and reliable technology, there will still be the need for human document review.



Incentives for Top-Tier Reviewers

We assess our review attorneys’ accuracy and productivity at every stage by utilizing ReviewRight, a proprietary skills testing software and metrics tracking system. Top-tier reviewers are identified and incentivized with premium pay for producing outstanding results at high speed, which powerfully aligns the goals of clients and attorneys.

Secure Remote Review

Designed to generate productivity and accuracy metrics, ReviewRight is conceived as a screening software which we employ as early as during the interview process and allows us to can select the highest ranked review attorneys in the country for each review project. Our elite teams of reviewers are picked from a national pool of professionals tested for their performance on past projects and have proven document review experience. Our managed review process is unique in the industry as it tests all of our English speaking review attorneys and can add tests for other foreign language reviewers whenever our clients want it.

Highly Trained Review Managers

We offer unmatched quality control for firms and their clients by employing highly trained Review Managers and proprietary review management metrics on each project. This proven methodology maximizes defensibility to exceed the standards emerging in the document review industry while delivering the highest possible levels of accuracy and speed.


Risk Management and In-Depth QC Methodologies

Our QC methodologies and proprietary document review Road Map is the most comprehensive in the industry. With highly vetted approaches to Batch QC, along with statistical, targeted searches and computer assisted validation techniques, we minimize the risk of any privileged or material documents being released.

Technology Assisted Review

LightSpeed’s expertise and years of experience with Technology Assisted Review are integrated into the unique workflows we design for every document review project. This allows us to find more relevant documents, reduce non-relevant documents reviewed, and identify coding inconsistencies between reviewers.

Cost Predictability

Fixed Cost Pricing includes all QC and Review Management costs. Our Per-Document Pricing provides an unmatched level of cost control and transparency, reducing the risks associated with cost overruns that are so common with human document review. By providing review teams with data-proven speed and quality, bonus incentives for top producers, and our highly controlled vetting, management and QC systems, we create faster moving and more cost-effective teams than industry averages.

VDR- Virtual Document Review

Through proprietary skills testing systems, metrics analysis, project management tools and data security, VDR is the next generation of legal services available today and in current use by various AMLAW 10 Firms and their clients on large matters. Our secure VDR environment is certified through third-party Pen and offers the most secure data environment in Document Review at the network, session and document level by applying various tools through Citrix, VMWare and Microsoft.

Foreign Language Services

Translation: we supply only professionals who have advanced linguistic and legal technical expertise to fully translate documents into English, or from English to any other language.

Foreign Language Review: our foreign language reviewers are native-language speakers in a wide array of languages. They are trained in both Foreign and United States legal systems and can provide notes and summaries in English..