Your Data, Discovered

Our comprehensive eDiscovery process identifies and extracts the most relevant documents and removes the rest.

Fast and Thorough

Our fully distributed processing system is based on IPro’s eCapture and scales to meet the most challenging size and time requirements. Our server farm utilizes more than 200 processing cores, 500 gigabytes of RAM, and 100 terabytes of SSD and SAS storage space. It delivers the speed you need while still performing a complete discovery; no partial processing or other shortcuts.

Complete eDiscovery

Complete Comprehensive eDiscovery

You need to find all available documents before you can start the review process. LightSpeed’s system supports the widest variety of file formats, supports the deepest levels of embedded files, and creates comprehensive logs, along with summary, detail and exception reports.

Searchable Data

Make Your Data Searchable

Our process allows you to search, review and produce over 500 document file formats from either our review tools or yours. We have the ability to produce a complete list of metadata and OCR for documents, even if they do not have sufficient extractable content.

Document Review Size

Minimize Document Review Size

Our technology culls out unnecessary files through de-duplication, de-NISTing and filtering of metadata, file types and keywords. LightSpeed’s Early Data Assessment tool further refines your document pool with advanced analytical tools, including conceptual searching, clustering, categorization and predictive coding.