Introducing ShareDiscovery

Searchable Data


Collect and upload new media for assessment and review, audit all incoming and outgoing documents.

State of the Art Technology


Track the live progress of collections, discovery, productions and analytics.

Complete eDiscovery

Presumptive Designations

Gather intelligence automatically from your review and apply it to unreviewed documents.

Document Review Size


Create clusters and categories on the fly; view analytic metrics to determine the best review methodology.

The Challenge

Practicing law is a 24/7 business where people use an endless variety of methods to obtain the best results. Can we create an adaptive platform that supports our clients’ best practices and methods?

Can we take the difficult, make it easy, take the easy and automate it?

The Solution

ShareDiscovery is an automation solution that opens the black box of discovery. Used by our internal team, we are now opening up the process to our clients to automate discovery from collection to exhibits, to the extent they choose, whenever they choose. It’s part of our commitment to shift the time and cost of discovery back to the practice of law.

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